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By Mateeka Lanee, posted July 18, 2012


Meet Jillian Lauren & Melinda Hill Of “Eat My Podcast”
By Beverly Lyons, posted August 2, 2012

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Q & A With Melinda Hill & Jillian Lauren of Eat My Podcast
By Sarah Saxton. Posted on June 12, 2012


THOMAS JANE: I Was a Delusional, Cross-Dressing Hump-aholic
TMZ. Posted on April 11, 2012

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Jillian Lauren

While the surprising and exotic subject matter is sure to pique interest, Lauren’s graceful, introspective prose lifts her unusual memoir far above the level of mere titillation.
—Kristine Huntley, written for The Booklist

Incredibly Engaging. Lauren is a gifted writer – full of ease, humor, and grace.
—Portland Mercury

Too good to read just once!
—Miami Herald

Some Girls is a heart-stoppingly thrilling story told by a punk rock Scheherazade. Lauren writes with such lyrical ease – the book is almost musical, an enduring melody of what it is to be a woman.
—Margaret Cho

Some Girls would have been riveting even if Jillian Lauren had merely illuminated the murky world of high-class prostitution for the general reader. The fact that she does so with humor, candor, and a reporter’s gimlet eye is an added delight. But Some Girls also undertakes the deepest challenge: it reveals how and why a middle-class kid like Lauren found herself in such a line of work–and how she got out.
—Jennifer Egan, author of A Visit From The Goon Squad

Pretty is the not-so-pretty, utterly riveting, non-stop frantic and compulsively readable saga of Bebe Baker, a heroine who knows her way around a serious binge. The prose, at times, drives with such ferocious urgency that the words seem not so much written as willed onto the page. Pretty stands out as a triumph of survival testimony.
—Jerry Stahl

Melinda Hill

Reviews for “The Accidental Bisexual”

“A collection of absurd and poignant tales…garnering her a reputation as the female David Sedaris, harkening the deeply resonant storytelling of Richard Pryor.” —LA Weekly

“Hill has cemented her status as one of the rising names to watch in stand up.”
—San Diego online

“A performer who knows what she’s doing…definitely worth it.”
—Serious Comedy

“A very funny & affecting accomplishment spanning worlds of both narrative prose and good ol’ fashioned stand up…a power-packed listen…Hill is well adept at working through past pain to present benefit–both hers and her audiences.’
—Punchline Magazine

“Puts the fun back in funny and the smart back in smartypants.”

“Every man’s funny woman for the 21st century”
—LA Examiner

“Don’t hate Melinda because she’s cute as a button, hate her
because she’s freakin’ funny and her life is a bit of a wreck.”
—LA Weekly

“The queen bee of chat room comedy.”
—Anthony D’Allesandro, Variety

“Comedy Pick”
—Onion A.V. & LA Weekly

“Heart-melting…our current crush.”

“Deceptively demure faux-cluelessness.”
—Las Vegas City Life

“Melinda has mastered the art of humorous incongruity.”
—Chicago Newcity Stage

“Young comedian making a name for herself with her smart comedy.”
—Bonnie Hunt Show

“If David Sedaris, one of the best story tellers of our time, had a sexy blond baby with the clever and deliciously outspoken Sarah Silverman, her name would be Melinda Hill.”
—Kristen Wiig, comedian, actress on Saturday Night Live

“Melinda Hill’s writing is energetic, honest, painful and hilarious. Her voice is unique and familiar.”
—Mary Lynn Rajskub, comedian, actress on 24

“Melinda Hill has dysfunctional stories so dark and twisted you will laugh with delightful discomfort.”
—Kate Flannery, comedian, actress on The Office