Episode 1: Thomas Jane

Welcome to the virgin voyage of Eat My Podcast!

What started as a lark born out of a conversation at What’s Up Tiger Lily one night has become a full-blown obsession for us and we’re thrilled to finally be getting it off the ground.

For our first episode, Thomas Jane showed up at my house with no shoes on and a sexy, surly attitude. We all got jacked-up on green tea lattes and spent a fascinating hour talking about comics, astronomy and Thomas’s early career as a Bollywood heartthrob, among other things.

And if that’s not enough, Thomas reminded Melinda about a short film the two of them made together back when he was her very first Hollywood boyfriend (well, how the heck do you think we got him to agree to do the show?). Melinda went home and actually FOUND the movie. It’s a doozy. Melinda insists they weren’t dropping acid. You can decide for yourself.

One of Thomas’s passions is Film Noir, and we think this picture looks appropriately spooky. It wasn’t intentional- it’s just the track lighting in the studio.
Thomas Jane
Melinda Hill, Thomas jane, and Jillian Lauren